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We recommend utilizing the skills of a professional hair and makeup artist for all sessions. Below is a quick list of tips and tricks that will help you get ready for your session.

Lauryl Estelle on location with Betsy.

Lauryl Estelle on location with Betsy.

before + after looks BY LAURYL ESTELLE
Esthetician, Hair Stylist, AND Make Up artist


2 Weeks Before…

+ Be careful (and try to avoid) with tanning or tanning beds.
+ Start a good skin care regimen.

1 Week Before…

+ Brows should be well groomed, but do not wax for at least one week prior to your session.
+ Haven't had their eyebrows groomed? Contact Lauryl for 2 weeks before your session.
+ If you arrive with unkept brows, they will be groomed on set for an additional fee.

3 Days Before…

+ Avoid using an AHA's such as Glycolic or Salicylic Acid.
+ If you exfoliate your skin, use a physical exfoliant.
+ If you do not exfoliate or have sensitive skin – skip the step above.

Day Before…

+ Hair should be clean and unstyled, if possible wash it the night before + let it air dry.

Day Of…

+ Arrive fresh-faced without any makeup.
+ Clean and moisturize your skin (SPF free lotions please).
+ Brush your lips/teeth for a smooth lipstick application + white teeth.
+ If you wear contacts, come to your session wearing them.
+ Wear a light colored, loose fitting shirt for easy removal after your makeup/hair.
+ A nude bra/undergarments are encouraged, as well as a sticky, strapless or backless bra.

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