Susan, CHS, Senior, Senior Session, Columbus, GA

I will not yell you my age but I will tell you that Susan's Dad (Ed) and I went to preschool together!  That's right...PRESCHOOL!  I have known and been friends with the Boyd family since then.  And Ed remained friends in high school and kept up after college.  In fact, Susan was the first baby I ever held.  Ed handed her to me one day at the mall when I ran into him and Stacey.  I really don't think I knew what to do with her.  She didn't throw up on me so that was good!

Fast forward "a few" years and now Susan is a senior.  It is very special to be able to create her senior pictures and be a part of her senior year.  Having her family on the session was an added bonus.

Thank you Boyds and thank you Susan! 

seniorsJohn Pyle