Pyle Family, Family Session, Columbus, GA

When we saw the daffodils at Old Town we knew if would be the perfect spot for our own spring session with our chidren.  

Family sessions should be simple, stress free, and tell a story.

Simple...because it's already difficult enough to get everyone there AND picture ready.  

Stress free... because we are all dealing with enough stress on a daily basis.   Time together with family in front a camera doesn't have to be miserable.  The end result is ALWAYS worth it.  I always say "just get everyone here...I'll take care of the rest."

A story can be told....a story, an expression, maybe just a glance at 1/500th of a second can tell it.   But that story evolves by creating a natural interaction and relaxed environment for everyone.  It doesn't drag on.  It doesn't force.  

This story is of our two children and the color and light of Spring.  Big sister and little sister.  

Let us tell the story of your family.   


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